Bruce Borup is one of those men who can bring a positive and rapid change in any business through his eye for details and his business acumen which he has acquired through years of service in different companies and organizations. He can be called a management guru, economist and is also a professor who has changed the course of success for many existing organizations as well as emerging enterprises. Not only has he excelled in every business he has ventured, he was also a paratrooper and an infantry officer in Army for six years. His experience in army has helped him learn self-discipline which he has successfully applied in every aspect of his life and achieved tremendous success out of it. No matter what positions he has worked in throughout his life, success has always been met and the credibility for this only goes to his hard working nature, business acumen and his immense potential.
One of the feather in his cap is his being at number 404 in annual 500 list of famous magazine INC in the year 2006 and the very next year he topped the list in the category of fastest growing contractor in US in the defence segment. Education qualification of Bruce Borup as well as immense experience in sales in different organizations has helped him become what he is today and has also earned him respect and accolades from different pioneers in the field of leadership, management and business overall.
Educational qualification of Bruce Borup is vast as he completed his high school graduation from Tiffin Grammar in Kingston Surrey and then pursued law from Anglia Ruskin University and after graduating with honours there, did Masters in Marketing as well as doctorate in Business, both from Southwest University.
Bruce Borup worked at Alaska Pacific University as an assistant professor where taught finance, leadership, international business and fast growth of organization to students from MBA stream. His career as an academician is star studded as he was awarded Sam Walton Fellowship twice and was also awarded with best teacher award. Bruce Borup was also the CEO of a well known company called CFC where he was whole and sole of many departments. It is a company which deals in many things like Aerospace engineering, manufacturing, IT, tourism and many different areas. The profits of CFC soared high during his tenure and he is considered to be one of the best CEOs of the company till date.

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Bruce Borup is one of the leading businessmen today who with his Midas touch has changed the future course of growth and success of many enterprises, large, small and medium. There are no areas of business where he has not ventured and come out successfully. He has also featured in the top 500 list in popular magazine INC in the year 2007 as the rapidly growing and aspiring defence contractor. He is known to be a management guru and person with sharp business acumen which he applies in every venture, company and enterprise he has worked in and given result oriented directions which are proved to be very useful and profitable for the concerned organizations.
Bruce Borup completed his high school graduation from a very famous school of Kingston Surrey known as Tiffin Grammar from where he went to Anglia Ruskin University to complete his studies in Law. Later on he also did Masters in Marketing and also Doctorate in Business from Southwest University with top grades. Starting his career as an assistant professor in Alaska Pacific University, he was given the award of Best Teacher and was also rewarded with Same Walton Fellowship twice, which is a very prestigious and rare thing to achieve.
Bruce Borup has also served in the army for six years and according to him, these six years were the most precious in terms of learning as he learnt a lot about self-discipline which he later applied in everything and every venture he pursued. He believes that self discipline is very necessary for just anyone to achieve success and he teaches this to his students with high priority. As a professor teaching students of MBA, few of the courses which he conducted were quality management, international business, leadership, and finance and fast growth management.
Bruce Borup is also known for the achievements he made during his tenure as CEO with CFC, a company which deals in Aerospace engineering, IT, manufacturing, tourism and much more. Revival, transformation and advancement that took place for exoskeleton technology at Berkeley Bionics are his brainchild. While serving as the CEO of Cape Fox Corporation, not only did the profits were robust, he also set up two construction companies as well as started a new business under their domain which took the company to a new level altogether.
It can be said that Bruce Borup is a man with a vision for success and has a foresight which is necessary for an entrepreneur to have and not only he enjoys what he does, he loves to travel, rock music and read books like ‘Surfing The Edge of Chaos’, which reflects on his broad personality.